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  1. I miss home

    I miss home..

    I miss the shouts of welcome that greets me as I enter my father’s courtyard. My mom’s silent and yet proud gaze, speaks to me, telling me she approves of what I am becoming.

    Her child.

    The one who likes to push boundaries.

    I miss my her.

    I miss the familiar hustle and bustle that tells of a city that doesn’t sleep.

    I miss home, home is in Africa.

    I remember the way the harsh sun heats up my skin, with beads of sweat forming on my face, almost blinding my eyes, reminding that I am back where I Should be.

    My mind remembers the humidity that comes with being home.
    The air is poignant with it.

    I remember.

    I miss the meals, the oneness, the feeling of rightness, that comes with sharing family evening meals, our bonding time, all of us in a cir

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  2. The Enlightened Africa

    Africa, the lands striped of itself and yet still stands; the land that has experienced varying degrees of humiliation and plunder but still remains resilient; the land where experiences of pain have been turned into something even more phenomenal.

    You see, Africa has had its own fair share of wars, ills, slave trades, and tragedy, but her people! Oh! Her people, have yet gathered themselves, heads held high; to stand, to build, to conquer!

    The unique strength of this land, takes survival to a whole new level. You have to have experienced the highest level of pain, to have reached the enviable level of enlightenment and freedom, that Africans display.

    A people of different languages, cultures, religious beliefs, held together by a stoic faith in each other that defies reasoning!

    We see it in Ghana, Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Ivory Coast, and other countries. It’s visible and undeniable!

    Our unique heritage, is second to none, e

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  3. African Folklore

    Folklore music genre varies from culture to culture. The African folklore music dates back as far as time.

    In determining whether a piece of music is of the folklore genre, performers and enthusiasts would probably agree on several criteria ranging from mode of performance or rendition, patterns of transmission and delivery to its origins.

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