Cartehub is an eclectic indigenous marketplace that seeks to meet the needs of customers who appreciate infusing the African spirit into their preferences, lifestyles and daily needs. It is the all-inclusive marketplace for Africans who miss home, as well as lovers of outstanding Afrocentric items worldwide, to shop for bespoke, made in Africa products at affordable prices.


In Africa

There is a booming increase in the number of homegrown entrepreneurs with overflowing creativity.

The World and Africa

There is an equally booming population of customers in Africa and beyond looking for something unique.

As a Company

We bridge the gap. Our trusted merchants produce the extraordinary items we bring right to your doorstep..

How Cartehub works


We have built a community of trustworthy sellers and millions of buyers who connect based on quality, integrity and the true heart and soul of African dynamism. Each product displays the beauty, strength, and grit of cultural diversity. Cartehub allows local merchants to be creative with what they love and help shoppers find the creative items they love and want.


We are big on quality and integrity. Out of the heart of Africa comes a marketplace set on showcasing the flair and vibrant colours of the continent. Signing up is free. There is, however, a commission on the orders that come to you through us.


Our technology makes keeping your shopping details easy, safe and secure. You are our priority so we aim to make your shopping experience seamless. We are also in partnership with dependable shipping/freight companies with top-notch delivery services so your orders are processed promptly and your items delivered to you in good quality and on time.

Shop safely


We exist to give you an amazing experience as you shop. Here you will find world-class products, rock-bottom prices and conversation-starters in the bespoke pieces we sell. If it’s made in Africa, it’s here.

Let the colours of Africa fill your cart. Join the movement!.

Think Africa, Shop Africa, Shop Cartehub!!!